Calculus (AP Math BC) 2017-2018

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First Calculus Test: Wed September 6 (generally every other Wednesday)

Due Date Assignment
Tue 8/22
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* TurnIn: Observations Please
* Though you will need to be have and know how to use a hand held graphing calculator (e.g. TI-84) for the AP exam, you will find the Demos Graphing Calculator which runs on computers, smart phones, and tablets, to be very useful. Start by trying it on a computer. You can save your work if you click sign-in in the upper left hand corner of the window.
* Work through this brief introduction to graphing functions in Desmos.

Wed 8/23
Turn In: Second draft of Headlands Bicycle problem on page 2 of kwiki 20002 Note that you may need to make an assumption about my ride to get a unique solution for flat, uphill, and downhill miles. Be sure to state your assumption.
* Spend 30 minutes working on the questions.
* Then spend 15 minutes writing a second draft of your answers and graphs.
* I do not want to see your initial work. Use new paper for your second draft.

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Getting Started

Please read this entire page. Be sure to Sign Up for WeBWork before 7am Tuesday, August 22.


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As in previous math clases some homework assignments will come from the [Whitman Calculus] text, but other assignments will be done on-line using WeBWorK , an on-line math homework system.

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You need to fill out this form To get a set up an WeBWorK account. Be prepared to give a (and remember) a password for your account. (Yes, the submit button says “Never submit passwords through Google Forms.” Your WeBWorK password is not a high level security item.) Details about using WeBWorK will be available soon. If you can't wait, you can sign-in as a guest.


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